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Sunninghill-SACEUR-Snoopy SSS2 video Air Defence Sectors & John Maniello General Eisenhaur

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"Sunninghill, SACEUR, and Snoopy" page (under Construction) - was Sunninghill the birthplace of NATO ?
Click on pictures to play video, go to linked pages, or enlarge. Last update 1100z Sunday 25th November 2018.

Was General Eisenhaur's bunker under the Marist Convent ? Was General De Gaule's bunker under Sandhurst Military Academy ? Was the Sunninghill area sheltering Allied Military HQs & Royalty ? Listen to the memories of pensioners who remember those days as kids :-) We have, or had, friends in 150 countries: e.g. Russia/Iran/USA. Let's make Love and not War :-)

Update on Sunday 4th November 2018 - a week after Snoopy's aborted attempt to cross the Atlantic from near Boscombe Pier. DO NOT RELY ON COMPUTERS ! Pensioners Prefer Paper :-) The printer-friendly version of this page is in SSS.PDF . This is in English, which includes American words, like " Bullshit ". You can print this page in your own language by using the Language Translation Flags at the top. Boscombe is near Bournemouth, on the South Coast of England. Snoopy's destination is where the Pilgrim Founding Fathers came ashore in USA , over 200 years ago: Plymouth, MA, USA. BUT Snoopy the Viking reached North America many years before that, sailing from Denmark. I fondly remember, as a Senior NATO Scientist in the 1970s, working with the Royal Danish Air Force. This included attending a live firing exercise in Juntland, and being flown in a DC3 from near The Hague, to have the RDAF be shown ICL 1900 Computer systems, at Bracknell. ICL became Fujitsu. I started my Defence-Systems career at Ferranti in Bracknell, 15 minutes drive from Sunninghill. Those RDAF guys certainly were a crazy bunch of Vikings ! :-) REMEMBER THAT THE NEW VIDEOS ARE UNEDITED RAW MATERIAL - available to all for professional editing: ideally by someone that I know and trust, but good if the Russian and Iranian news media make good use of this page - to promote peace, and not war. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL ! x :-)

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Map of Sunninghill

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Click on pictures to enlarge or play a video. More here soon, appearing on Robin's YouTube Channel first. e.g. that lovely meeting in the churchyard, with local pensioners.

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Grumpy Robin from Robin Lovelock in Sunnghill: I'm just setting up this new page, based on my page: Frimley Park (Military) Hospital - near Camberley and the Sandhurst Military Academy. This was renamed "Frimley Health", after being merged with Wexham Park, near Slough. Frimley Park was probably the best NHS Hospital in the UK, and Wexham Park was probably the worst. But the subject of that page is not politics: for that, see my and Grumpy pages. This page is about Sunninghill being the birthplace of NATO - it's a good thing that I have friends in 150 countries, including Russia ;-)

Robin Rescues Antelope I am reasonably fit, for someone born in 1947, but I was a lot fitter when I was younger: checkout my rescue of that antelope, published on Sunday 1st April, exactly a week before our visit to Frimley Park Accident & Emergency.

Please forgive the warped humour here: it will be familiar to many of you, whatever your shared suffering: be it sharing the same slit-trench, trying to care for a loved one, grieving for someone recently lost, or fighting on with your own health battle, perhaps for the sake of loved ones.

I am regulary reminded, each day, of the value of sharing inimate details of one's health with trusted friends, if not the whole World. Openess rather than Secrecy can be a powerful tool, as I learnt in the 1970s within NATO . But this page is also not a lesson on security, for public, police and others. The Military, in all countries, know the basics - but it isn't easy. I've known, and still know, many guys who have served in other countries armies, including those who fought against the British ( e.g. Suez and dear Egyptian Major General Samir Yousrey ) and others who I will not name here. How sad it is that we fight these "Proxy Wars" :-(

Aleksey's Sailing Saucer page Jack Ponsford It was on Saturday 7th April that I received a posted letter from a dear old ex-army friend, who can easily be found on my Geocaching page. How can one respond to sad or worrying news from a friend ? Perhaps by sharing your own problems, or encouraging examples from other's experiences ? It is less than two years ago that my dear Father-in-Law Jack Ponsford passed away, in Frimley Park Hospital, aged near 98. He remained as "bright as a button" until his last day, reading the newspapers. I have almost countless A&E visits by Jack to Frimley Park, logged on a hidden page that I will now reveal here .

I've had the pleasure of Frimley Park A&E myself in recent years. Before this April 2018 visit, I had a recurring nose bleed in 2017. The nosebleeds first started on my birthday, at a garden open for the "Combat Stress" charity. There was some banter about the blood triggering PTS. The lovely Philipino guy at A&E cauterised my left nostril with the modern equivalent of a red hot poker. He reminded me of my old ex-Philipino Marine friend Rex, who assisted my dealing with that old "Manilla Scam" last year, and other things since. Let me plug in here an extract from last year's 2017 Christmas Newsletter below ... white strip

Robin's 70th Birthday Party was in the Cordes Hall Sunninghill on 26th May, and was very shambolic due to his poor delegation of things - but he thoroughly enjoyed where he'd put effort in the weeks before it: contacting members of his massive extended Sharp family. Also seeing old friends again. Good that we did not have that police raid, half expected :-) white strip Robin and Gus on 25 May 2017 Harold Sharp and Gambling Sharps St Crispin's School Wokingham Robin Lovelock as Hippy in Sunninghill Cordes Hall

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Pam Coughlan Manilla Pam Coughlan is a lady close to me, who could not make it up from Exeter to my party. However, we stay in touch by email and 'phone, and work behind the scenes with our activity. Few know about it, but one new friend is set to recieve 1.4 million from the Government, using the Law Firm that we gave legal advice to all those years ago. I am reminded of my dear ex-EASAMS friend Trevor Saunders and fond memories. On a much lighter note, a fraudster in Manilla made the mistake this year of trying to use that old scam of being stuck in a hotel without money to pay his bills and get a flight home. I had a conversation for about a week with them, not pretending that I knew it was a scam. He'd done me a favour by revealing that I had two new "clients" this year with exactly the same name and northern accents. They were let in on my little joke that follows ... I contacted my banks, and an old overseas ex-marine chum. The fraudster must have been delighted on receiving a personal delivery of a pack of sandwiches, 2.55 GBP, and a note from Robin: "I hope this is enough for now" :-) White strip

Several years earlier, I had pain from a suspected kidney stone, and had the expected professional handling at Lightwater Surgery and Frimley Park A&E.
Finding Cats in Sunninghill Gardening and Australian Gnomes Click on pictures to expand or play - if you dare ! This first video is a warning about content. Medications hint at what my health problem was: On discharge, I was supplied with MOVICOL Laxative, at 1 to 2 sachets, up to 4 times a day. When I collected the prescription for GLYCERYL TINITRATE Rectal Ointment 1.5mg (2.5cm), our Sunninghill Pharmacy explained that the doctor's "BD" was Latin for Bi-Daily, or Twice Daily, rather than Before Defocation. The photo that June took with her smartphone, in A&E Room "Major 22", was useful to the doctor. This was clearer that that taken for me to see, during the 111 call a few hours earlier. Despite my concerns, I must confess being amused, when June said it looked like a finger pointing back out at her :-) White strip

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Robin Lovelock Robin's business card

from Robin's "Missing" page, with minor redactions ... (REMOVED)

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