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Our Ref: NHSC5.RTF 23 June 2003

www.NHSCare.info (public information to all)
www.NHSCare.info/EvelynLovelock (now public)

Prof. Ann Sheen, Acting Chief Executive,
The Royal Berks & Battle Hospital Trust, London Rd, Reading RG1 5AN.
Copies to:
Mark Gritten, (previous?) Chief Executive (c/o address above)
Ms Stefanie Seign, Head of Legal Services and Corporate Risk, (address above)
Mrs Sue Humphries, Medical Records Manager, (address above)
Miss Abigail Moss, Support Clerk, Medical Records Office, (address above)
Dr Van Wyk, c/o Castle Ward, Battle Hospital, Oxford Rd, Reading.
"Eve Lovelock's Care" File, Web sites, Others as required.

Dear Prof. Sheen,

Subject: Care of Mrs Evelyn Lovelock and www.NHSCare.info

Thank you for your letter dated 12 May with nearly identical letters from Ms Seign, Miss Moss, Mrs Humphries, and Dr Van Wyk, requesting that changes be made to nhscare.info under The Data Protection Act 1998. I assume Ms Seign drafted these letters, since they all include the "Legal Services & Corporate Risk Department" letterhead.

I suggest Ms Seign seek better legal advice: she should know her allegation that nhscare.info contravenes the Act is incorrect: details published on the web site are limited to my letters and these individual's name, job function and works address. I delayed sending you this reply until I received written confirmation of this from The Information Commissioner's Office. You may read my letter, DATAPRO1 23rd May, on the web site. I also inquired if you have breached The Act. I clearly have not.

However, all individuals may write truly confidential letters to me, copying if they wish the RCN, BMA, their own solicitors, or who they wish. These letters, under the amnesty explained on the site, should not be divulged to those such as yourself who must bear greater responsibility for this and other continued unlawful and/or criminal actions.
I regard your latest letter to me as yet another flagrant attempt to flout the law.

You may all monitor www.nhscare.info including the detailed letters of my mother's case, the most important of which, right now, is probably NHSOMB2. You may wish to direct further letters through the office of Nick Relph of TVSHA, although you must recognize that this does not absolve you from dealing formally with my complaint against your PCT. I require copies of Dr Van Wyk's Report and all correspondence between Social Services and your PCT related to my mother's case. My letters, now public on www.nhscare.info/EvelynLovelock provide the record of my repeated requests for this since December last year - which you, Mark Gritten and others continue to avoid.

Nothing in this letter modifies or reduces in any way my claim for 'free continuing care' under the Coughlan Case for my mother.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock

(son of Evelyn Lovelock and executor of her estate)