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Nick Relph, Chief Executive of Thames Valley Strategic Health Authority, Jubilee House,
5110 John Smith Drive, Oxford Business Park South, Cowley, Oxford OX4 2LH.
Alain Wilkes, Care Services Manager, Wokingham Unitary,
Wellington House, Wellington Road, Wokingham, Berks RG40 2QB
Sue Heatherington, Chief Executive, Wokingham PCT,
Wokingham Hospital, 41 Barkham Road, Wokingham, Berks RG41 2RE
Sue Andrews, Complaints Manager, Wokingham PCT (address above).
Copies to:
Debbie Bamford, Executive Director, TVSHA (address above).
Sue Moore, Service Development Manager, Wokingham PCT (address above).
Jeremy Servian, Patient Services Manager, South West Oxfordshire PCT,
Abingdon Community Hospital, Marcham Road, Abingdon, Oxon OX14 1AG.
Dr Van Wyk, c/o Castle Ward, Battle Hospital, Oxford Rd, Reading.
Mark Gritten, Chief Executive
The Royal Berks & Battle Hospital Trust, London Rd, Reading RG1 5AN.
Prof. Ann Sheen, Deputy Chief Executive (above address).
Ms Stefanie Seign, Head of Legal Services and Corporate Risk, Royal Berks Hospital.
Miss Abigail Moss, Support Clerk, Medical Records Office, Royal Berks Hospital.
Janet Fitzgerald, Chief Executive of Reading PCT, 57-59 Bath Rd, Reading RG30 2BA.
"Eve Lovelock's Care" File, Web sites, Others as required.

Dear Mr Relph, Mr Wilkes, Mrs Heatherington, Mrs Andrews,

Subject: Care of Mrs Evelyn Lovelock and www.NHSCare.info

This is an official request to the Complaints Manager of Wokingham PCT - see below. This letter also repeats questions asked of TVSHA and provides everyone with relevant information. You will find a copy of this letter and others public on the web sites above.

You may recall my letters since December last year, requesting 100% NHS funding of my mother's care under Coughlan, and a copy of the Dr Van Wyk's consultant report. I informed you and other staff of the fact that you have all been part of unlawful practice related to free Continuing Care and the 1999 Coughlan Judgment. Since my letter dated 4th February ref. NHSC3, several things have happened:

I visited my mother every day at Holyport Lodge Nursing Home, where she spent the last three months of her life. I was very happy with the excellent care provided. Her death has made me more determined, rather than less, to follow through with her case in the interests of others. www.NHSCare.info is now dedicated to both Len and Eve Lovelock.

I have been invited to attend a small seminar in the House of Commons, dedicated to this subject of how the NHS, aided by Social Services, have defrauded families out of some £10 billion - the cost of their nursing home care. As you know, the Ombudsman was particularly damning of your region, and suggested that you trawl back to 1996 for cases in which patients had been wrongly charged for care. It seems extremely unlikely that this will happen, based on past performance, without strong external pressure - such as civil or criminal action against your organization and some individuals within it. My own views are public on NHSCare.info - including the proposed amnesty for those who admit their unlawful action in a timely manner. I hope you all will therefore reconsider your position.

Mr Relph: I received a reply to my NHSC3 from Ms Bamford, dated 10th February, and she promised to answer my questions in due course, after writing to others. These questions in my letter to you were as follows:

1) Why have I not yet received Dr Van Wyk's Report ?

2) Why has Stefanie Seign sent me over 200 pages of records, other than this report ?

3) Why have Wokingham PCT not agreed to 100% funding of my mother's care ?

4) Why are the new (January 2003) Criteria for TVHA "catastrophically unlawful" ?

5) Do you understand that officers who implement these unlawful criteria may be guilty of 'misfeasance in public office' ?

Some will say that I have been "providing you rope to hang yourself" - and there may be some truth in this: NHS staff, including those copied above, certainly appear to be guilty of "hiding" Dr Van Wyk's report. This is discussed in detail on NHSCare.info with copies of the relevant letters. I await receipt of the report itself, so I can confirm that it was not "falsified". I repeat my public assurance that I do not intend to use the report as evidence in action against any person involved. My wish is to expose and reduce this bad practice.

Mrs Andrews: This is an official request under the complaints procedure in connection with my existing complaint. I hereby further complain that the criteria associated with the scheme for assessing 'Free Continuing Care' in TVHA Board paper 15/03 are flagrantly and catastrophically unlawful and in open defiance of the Court of Appeal in the Coughlan Case. Further, they have NOT been accepted, and will not be accepted, by my elected representatives controlling Social Services, although that is required by NHS Regulations. It follows that I do not accept the procedures laid down in 15/03 and insist on going to the standard stage two of the complaints procedure, 'Independent Review', as laid down in NHS Regulations, and 'adapted' as required by the Court of Appeal in R (Cowl) v Plymouth City Council 14th Dec, 2001. Unless this process is under way by 18th April 2003, I shall complain to the Ombudsman.

Mrs Heatherington: I have not had a reply to my question, in my letter ref. SUEH1 dated 6th January, "Please advise me who will be performing the function of Appeals Convener within Wokingham PCT".

I wait to see if anyone can yet acknowledge that they have been part of unlawful action, and agree in principle that costs incurred so far must now be paid by the NHS.

I request that you give these matters your most urgent attention. Nothing in this letter modifies or reduces in any way my claim for 'free continuing care' under the Coughlan Case for my mother.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock

(son of Evelyn Lovelock and executor of her estate)