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Dear Sir or Madam,


Subject: Care of Mrs Evelyn Lovelock and 23 Catalina Close


This letter is a formal objection to any attempt by Wokingham Social Services (Wokingham Unitary) or any other authority, to put a charge on my mother's property of 23 Catalina Close, Woodley, near Reading. RG5 4UG. The property is owned by my mother, Evelyn Lovelock. My father Len Lovelock died last year.


I spoke this morning to Graham Speck of your office and he was able to confirm that there was no charge currently on the property.


You will find the two web sites above useful in providing both general information on the subject of "Coughlan" and the fact that local authorities have continued to act unlawfully in getting families to sell their property to pay for nursing care.


The "private" site (for which you now have the "need to know") provides copies of correspondence, including that to NHS and Wokingham Social Services.


I draw your attention to the letter ANJU4 dated 19th November 2002 which included, "My mother will need to sell her house anyway, but the money by law must go into her account. I shall challenge any attempt to 'charge' her property on the Land Registry as unlawful. "


I understand that you will need to pass this letter to the lawyers within your organization, and I look forward to receiving your confirmation that no charge will be placed on the property.


Yours Faithfully,




Robin Lovelock (Son of Evelyn Lovelock)