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Our Ref: ANNEB1.RTF 2nd December 2002

Anne Bray, Finance Department
Wellington House, Wellington Road, Wokingham, Berks RG40 2QB
Copies: "Eve Lovelocks Care" File, Others as required.

Dear Anne,


Subject: Care of Mrs Evelyn Lovelock of 23 Catalina Close Woodley

Please accept this letter as the invoice for payments to be made to my mother, Evelyn Lovelock, from Social Services, as explained in the attached letter ref ANJU4.RTF dated 15th November 2002. These correspond to the payments being made by Eve Lovelock under rules described as "unlawful" and "Loan - All Rights Reserved". (Para. 3 page 2).

I understand that Anju Bhatti has handed responsibility for my mother's case to Marjorie Ireland, and that Marjorie is completely familiar with these legal and financial aspects. You may wish to consult Mr R.C.Taylor, Solicitor for the Joint Social Services Legal Team on 0118 939 0766 at the Civic Centre, Reading. Quote Ref JLT/RDG/SL/MJC of 28 Nov '02.

Please provide payments as cheques, payable to Evelyn Lovelock, and for delivery to Evelyn Lovelock c/o Robin Lovelock, at the above 22 Armitage Court address.

Late Payment Penalty: Please note that late payment will result in a charge of 1% per week on outstanding payments, including unpaid penalties.

The Payments are as follows:

£291.85 November - to be received here on or before 9 Dec 2002.

£673.52 December - to be received here on or before 9 Dec 2002.

£673.52 per month, starting January 2003, to be received here on or before 1st of month.

Social Services may recover all costs from the PCT under Coughlan. Please see the attached latter ref ANJU4.RTF for details on this. In particular, please note that, according to The Minister's circular of 11th August 1999, after Coughlan, Nursing Home fees are to be paid in full out of public funds. I understand that you are already being invoiced directly from Holyport Lodge for the £489/week contribution. This invoice relates to the £155/week contribution being paid by my mother as a "loan" under protest.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock

(son of Evelyn Lovelock)