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12th November 2002
Our Ref: ANJU3.RTF

Anju Bhatti, Duty Social Worker,
Partnership with Health Team
Wellington House, Wellington Road, Wokingham, Berks RG40 2QB
(Fax: 0118 974 6862)

Dear Anju,

Subject: Care of Mrs Evelyn Lovelock of 23 Catalina Close Woodley

Further to our 'phone conversation this afternoon, I'm please to provide the completed section 5 of the "Application Form for Clients Seeking Admission to a Residential or Nursing Home". You have my sister Sally Campion's and my blessing to proceed with contracting Holyport Lodge to receive our mother into their care, from Battle Hospital, as soon as can be done safely. We understand that this could be next Monday 18th November. Following meetings at Holyport Lodge yesterday, and Battle Hospital doctors today, I am happy that outstanding issues such as oxygen concentrators and Eve's medication documentation have been settled. More detailed information on all aspects of our mothers' care are now documented in Issue 1.0 of "Eve Lovelock's Care". You and others with a need to know will be given copies very soon. I hope you will find the document useful.

My sister Sally is progressing the issue of taking Power of Attorney with solicitors, and we may also be taking legal advice concerning who bears the longer term cost of Eve's Care. However, I do not see that this issue need delay doing what I think we all agree is right for Eve now - moving her into Holyport Lodge. It does mean that, until we have received legal advice, Eve, and ourselves acting for her, Reserve All Rights.

We understand our parents purchased 23 Catalina Close for £134,500 in September 1999, and Sally is in the process of obtaining estimates from Estate Agents. Bank accounts currently hold approximately £9000 (November statements were £5467 and £3587). Pensions and Allowances are best checked with the relevant department: we understand she is on Income Support and currently gets only the basic Widow's Pension. Weekly expenses are unknown, but thought to be small - mostly those related the house.

As you will know, and is documented in "Eve Lovelock's Care", our mother has been awaiting assistance with "Form Filling" for many months. This "section 5" form seems to be in the same category, but to progress things, I have signed it on behalf of Eve. I will fax this covering letter and the form as we discussed, then bring the originals for hand delivery to Wellington House. Any revised version of the Form will need to reference this letter. I hope this is what you need to progress things in the timescale we discussed.

Many Thanks for your help and advice so far.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock (son of Evelyn Lovelock)