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Our Ref: AGECON1.RTF 29th November 2002

Age Concern, St Andrews House, Wilton Road, Reading, Berks RG30 2SS.

attention: Geoff Chivers, Colin Pickard and Susan Snell.
Copies: "Eve Lovelocks Care" File, Others as required.

Dear Geoff, Colin and Susan,

Subject: Eve Lovelock's Care and the NHS

I was surprised to discover that Holyport Lodge have been instructed to invoice Age Concern, through Colin Chivers of your office, for the £106 NHS contribution mentioned in the third para. of page 2 of the attached letter ref ANJU4.RTF. I also attach the more detailed document "Eve Lovelock's Care" issue 1.0 for your information.

In brief: in the past two years my mother Eve Lovelock was diagnosed as having Alzheimer's in addition to other longer term conditions such as lung desease and arthritis. The last 2 months were spent in Battle, an NHS Hospital, and on Monday 18th Nov she was discharged into Holyport Lodge, a BUPA Nursing Home near Maidenhead. My father, Len Lovelock, died of Alzheimer's in January of 2002. We have followed what advice and procedures were available, but have "retained all rights" on the issue of who pays for Eve's care. We now find that the local authority has been acting unlawfully.

I recognize that this whole subject is a political minefield, at both local and national level. Back-dated claims by the 360,000 old people who sold their homes to pay for nursing care must be in the £10 billion ballpark. My mother's case appears to be clear cut, uncomplicated and well documented. I am happy for it to be used "in the public interest".

I had a detailed conversation with Susan Snell of your office last Wednesday 20th Nov.

I or others expect to be contacting Age Concern at the national level, in the near future, regarding misuse of their publications by local authorities to reinforce unlawful practice and misinformation. The solution will probably be a new Age Concern single page flyer.

I now understand that your office of Age Concern, a registered charity, has been drawn directly in to these unlawful procedures financially. May I ask if you sought legal advice on this subject, and if so, from whom ? I understand, from a 'phone call earlier, that Mr Chivers is the Director who should deal with this letter. However, I would appreciate it if all three of you were made aware of this information. You are welcome to make copies.

I look forward to receiving your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

Robin Lovelock

(son of Evelyn Lovelock)