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Robin's business card

Contacting Robin Lovelock & Sunninghill Systems

Robin is a Grumpy Old Man ! :-)

Hi ! I'm Robin Lovelock, and little has changed on this "Contact" page for many years, other than the recent photo of me on the left. I'm a "Grumpy Old Man", born in 1947, and always pleased to get your email.

I like to start conversations with an exchange of emails, so we both know a little about each other, before we speak on the telephone or face-to-face. In the past 20+ years that I've been doing this, I've built up a huge network of friends in over 150 countries. Over 10,000 of these have used my GPS Software. So, wherever you are in the World, I may know someone within walking distance of you :-)

I retired over 10 years ago, but still help those who use my GPS Software. However, in recent years, many who contact me are interested in my Snoopy's Robot Boat hobby, or "doing good" related to my charity interests, such as in the UK, or even one or more topics on Grumpy page. I prefer direct email communication, and not via social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

Robin's mobile 'phone is NOT smart :-) To e-mail me, click on or My emails are received by the desktop PC in my Study. I do NOT have a smartphone :-) I often hear emails coming in, so you may get a quick reply. Where possible, please contact me, Robin, by e-mail before making a 'phone call. You may contact June or myself on +44 1344 620775 - between 0800 and 2030 UK time, any day of the working week. If you are lucky, you may also catch us in at the weekend. If another member of the family or an answer-machine takes your call, please leave your name, reason for calling, country, and a telephone number. When away from home and office, Robin is contactable on mobile +44 7736 353404. If you 'phone, please be prepared to give your e-mail address, so I can pick up the conversation where it left off.

22 Armitage Court Our home and office address is : Sunninghill Systems, 22 Armitage Court, Sunninghill, Ascot, Berks SL5 9TA, United Kingdom.

both of us You can see us on Google Maps by clicking here You can see the entrance to Armitage Court on Google maps streetview here If you wish to visit, please email then ring us first.

If you have doubts about providing information about yourself, you may read more about us on our family page. We've lived here in Sunninghill since 1981, and hope to be here a good while longer :-)

You will probably have noticed that this web site is extremely "up front" about who we are. Giving people permission to use GPSS does not require huge resources. I have worked in larger companies and on larger projects than most people, and have no need to pretend what we are not. I greatly respect others who are able to be equally "up front" about themselves and their own business - however small it is. So don't be shy :-)

If this is important to you: is hosted on and <- remember these. The old hosting on was to end in January 2015. Your browser is on

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